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Messiest Baby Contest - Round 2

Round 2 of The Messiest Baby Contest has started! The top 32 photos are facing off in pairs of two. The photos with most votes per bracket will advance. Every 3 days new brackets from the winning photos in each pair will be uploaded until there is one pair left standing. VOTE HERE and enter to win over 30 prizes:

20 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Looking for fun & clever ways to plan an upcoming gender reveal party?  We have compiled the BEST ideas along with crafty DIY decor!

1.  Silly String

2.   Gender Reveal Onesie Cookies

3.  Bake a cake and fill with coodinating colored candies. Cut into the cake, and surprise!

4.  Gender Reveal Cake Balls

5.  Gender Reveal Scratch Off

6.  Gender Reveal Cupcakes

7.  Gender Reveal Glittered Egg

8.  Gender Reveal Box of Balloons

9.  Gender Reveal Banner

10.  Gender Reveal Cast Your Vote

11.  Gender Reveal Pinata

12.  DIY Surprise Lantern

13.  Ties or Tutus

14.  Gender Reveal Pouch

15.  Bow or Beau ?

16.  Bubble Gum Pop

17.  Pregnancy Announcement Poem

18.  Sibling Gender Reveal

19.  Team Pink or Team Blue?

20.  Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

How to Make DIY Unique Diaper Cakes : 25 DIY Diaper Cake Tutorials

Top 25 different ways to create a Unique and Handcrafted Diaper Cake! You’ll find these are by far the best resources available.

After spending many years in the diaper cake business, I have researched the leading DIY diaper cake designs and am now unleashing them to you!  If you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind baby gift these would make the perfect gift!

1.  Diaper Cake Castle - A beautiful castle made by decorating a box of diapers! You will enjoy making your own castle by following these easy “how to” directions and everyone at the baby shower will adore it! Instructions of how to make a diaper cake.

2.  Owl Diaper Cake Creation - Unique Diaper Cake resembles a standing Owl. Instructions on how to make an Owl Diaper Cake.

3.  How to Make a Fondant Style Diaper Cake - I love the sleek look of this fondant style diaper cake, almost looks good enough to eat!

4.  How to Make a Tractor Diaper Cake - This would be perfect for the farm themed baby shower!

5.  Easy DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake - Learn how to make a motorcycle diaper cake in seven simple steps!

6.  Diaper Cake Train Instructions!

7.  Learn - How to Make a Diaper Cake with a bottle of wine for the new momma tucked inside!

8.  DIY Baby Carriage Diaper Cake - This is a popular and trending baby  shower gift creation!

9.  Instructions on How to Make a Diaper Cake 4x4 Truck!

10.  How to Make a Diaper Cake Basket! This a two for one gift, designed with diapers and also for adding essential baby gifts.

11.  Easy to follow instructions on How to Make a Cloth Diaper Cake.

12.  How to Make a Fanned Diaper Cake - This diaper cake is the no roll diaper cake, easy for the new mom to disassemble and use right away.

13.  DIY Rolled Diaper Cake Instructions - This a rolled diaper cake tutorial using clear hair bands.

14.  Create a stunning Baby Diaper Cake by Living Locurto. Easy steps to designing a boutique diaper cake design.

15.  How to Make a Diaper Cake using blankets!

16.  Instructions on How to Make a sturdy Diaper Cake - use paper towel or mailing tubes to create a sturdy diaper cake!

17.  DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake Instructions!

18.  Mini Diaper Cake Instructions - Create a unique diaper cake with little money and less time.

19.  20 minute How to Make a Diaper Wreath Tutorial!

20.  Instructional Video on How to Make a Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake.

21.  Diaper Baby How To - New and Unique instructional video on how to create a diaper baby.

22.  How to Make Diaper Cupcakes! Step by Step instructional video on How to Make a Diaper Cupcake.

23.  Easy Instructions on How to Make a Diaper Bear - 16 Simple steps in creating a diaper bear.

24.  How to Make a Boy’s Airplane Diaper Cake! This unique diaper cake would make the perfect baby shower gift.

25.  {DIY} How to Make Cute Diaper Babies! Giveaway | Sticky Bellies Giveaway

Enter now for your chance to WIN a pack of Removable Monthly Stickers by Sticky Bellies. This is a great way to help you document your baby’s first year with a precious photograph! This would make a wonderful baby shower gift or welcome home baby gift! You will have your choice of Girl, Boy or Neutral Colors.

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Easy DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake Tutorial {How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake}

I have been making the original tiered diaper cakes for years now and have been trying to find other unique ways to make an adorable baby shower gift.  I came across a Motorcycle Diaper Cake and just had to try, I found that it takes less time than the traditional diaper cake and also more affordable.  Below are my easy step by step instructions on how to make a motorcycle diaper cake.


**This tutorial is for personal use only. Make as many as you want for gifts. Instructions and pictures are not to be copied or duplicated. You can place my link on your blog/website if you would like to share this tutorial. Thank you!


Materials needed: 34 disposable diapers Size 1 (17 for each tire), 8” cake pan, 2 rubber bands, 2 receiving blankets (30”x30”), 2 baby bibs, 1 clear hair band, a pair of socks or mittens, a baby bottle, 1 washcloth, scissors, pins, a stuffed animal (size approx between 15” and up to 20”), and decorative ribbon measuring approx. 26” in length for each tire.

Face the front of the diapers toward the inside for a more neater look. Space the diapers approx. 1 inch apart until you’ve used up all 17 diapers. Secure with a rubber band and shown below.


Continue with second tire exactly the same way as with the first. Once you have both tires finished and secured with rubber bands wrap each tire with desired decorative ribbons and secure with pins as shown below.


Using one of the two receiving blankets fold in half lengthwise and roll starting at edges with a tight roll all the way to the top as shown in images below.



Insert Receiving Blanket inside the first tire until both ends are equal in length then continue to pull through the other tire, this will be the rear tire. Secure blanket with pin, make sure you pull tight, as this is what keeps the motorcycle secure. Roll remaining ends back into the rear tire as shown in image below.


Now with the second receiving blanket roll exactly the same as the first by folding in half lengthwise and rolling all the way to the top. Insert this blanket in the front of the motorcycle which would be the opposite end of the last receiving blankets ends. Pull through making sure there is equal length on both sides. To make for a sturdier construction, you could also add pipe cleaners inside each of the receiving blankets for a more secure and finished look. See image below for reference.


To finish motorcycle diaper cake add infant socks as handle bars, one baby bib positioned over the front tire and another positioned over the rear tire and insert the baby bottle below the hand bars as the headlight. You could also wrap a matching washcloth around the baby bottle for a more professional and finished look. I used a clear hair band to secure the handle bars but you could also use infant chain link toy to secure.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try one out for your next baby shower gift.