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Messiest Baby Contest - Round 2

Round 2 of The Messiest Baby Contest has started! The top 32 photos are facing off in pairs of two. The photos with most votes per bracket will advance. Every 3 days new brackets from the winning photos in each pair will be uploaded until there is one pair left standing. VOTE HERE and enter to win over 30 prizes:

20 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Looking for fun & clever ways to plan an upcoming gender reveal party?  We have compiled the BEST ideas along with crafty DIY decor!

1.  Silly String

2.   Gender Reveal Onesie Cookies

3.  Bake a cake and fill with coodinating colored candies. Cut into the cake, and surprise!

4.  Gender Reveal Cake Balls

5.  Gender Reveal Scratch Off

6.  Gender Reveal Cupcakes

7.  Gender Reveal Glittered Egg

8.  Gender Reveal Box of Balloons

9.  Gender Reveal Banner

10.  Gender Reveal Cast Your Vote

11.  Gender Reveal Pinata

12.  DIY Surprise Lantern

13.  Ties or Tutus

14.  Gender Reveal Pouch

15.  Bow or Beau ?

16.  Bubble Gum Pop

17.  Pregnancy Announcement Poem

18.  Sibling Gender Reveal

19.  Team Pink or Team Blue?

20.  Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy